You can add a 5-star rating to your programme items and posters to gather attendees feedback. In this article, we explain how to enable rating and how to view the results.

Enable rating

On the page Virtual & Interactivity, tab Features, you can find all program item types. Per type, you can set which interactive features are available. For the features you switch on, buttons will appear in the app on the detail page of all items with this type.

To allow users to rate, make sure you have switched on the button for Rate. No further preparation is needed.

Note that attendees will only see their own rating, they cannot see the average.

View rate results

The Rate results can be found in the analytics. Go in the event you want to view the ratings of and click Event analytics.

An overview of how many rates are given, can be found on the tab Event engagement:

Click on view all, to see the rates for all programme items. Show items with highest, choose Number of Rates or Average rate and below Type, choose Program item. Click Show results to see the results.

Export rate results

If you want to export the rate results, select the period and click Export this report. In the Excel report, you can find the number of rates and the average rating on the tab Program items or Posters (depending on which type you enabled the rating).

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