Please note that you should be assigned as a moderator to a program item before you have access to it on the Eureka platform!

Log in or sign up to Eureka

Click the link in the email you have received. Log in if you already have an account, or create an account with the email address you received the invite on.

View interactive sessions

After logging in, you will see the name of all events you've been invited to moderate at in the left side menu. Click on the event name to view the sessions you have been invited to.

The NEW tag will appear next to the event name when you have received a new invitation to moderate an interactive session, as well as next to each newly invited session.

Click on the event name you wish to add questions to. Make sure Ask is selected top right.

Allow the audience to send questions

To allow the audience to send questions, press play on the Ask is Off button. When ask is running, the button will change to say Ask is On. Press stop to turn ask off.

Show questions on the presentation page

Questions that come in, are listed on the session page. They are sorted in the order they come in. By default, none of the questions are visible to the audience. 

Make questions visible

To make a question visible, click the grey crossed-out eye icon. The icon changes in a green eye and the question will move to the section Visible questions. The background of the question will become light grey. You can mark multiple questions as visible. To prevent them from becoming too small on the presentation screen, make sure not to mark more than 5.

All questions marked as visible can also be upvoted in the app (see below). 

Set a main question

Main questions are displayed at the top of the presentation page in a larger font. You can only have one main question at a time. This could be the question the speaker is answering at that moment.

To make a question the main question, click the bookmark on the left. It will change into a green bookmark and the font of the question will become bigger. If you click the bookmark again, the question will become a normal question.

Delete a question

To delete a question, click the trashcan on the right. Only invisible questions can be deleted.


To help you decide which questions to answer, you can use the upvoting functionality. Besides asking new questions, users can then also like questions that other people have asked. To do so, they need to click the heart next to a question in the app. 

Users can vote for all questions set to Visible. After someone has voted, the number of likes is updated immediately, both in the app as in Eureka. This way you can easily see which question has been voted for the most.

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