To show the results of voting questions to your audience during the presentation, you can use the Presentation page, which looks like this:

Set Global Presentation Branding

You can add an optional sidebar with a custom background colour and logo to all vote and ask presentations throughout the entire event. Going back from the session page and returning to the page of the event, click the Presentation Branding button on the right.

Here you can switch the branding on and off, set the background colour for the sidebar, upload a logo, and see a preview of how it will look like.

A vote presentation with branding looks like this:

Presentation Options

For each individual session, there are a number of customisation options for the presentation page. In the Vote tab of a session, click the Presentation options button on the right. 

There, you will find the following:

  • Results can be shown or hidden from the screen with the Show/Hide switch. You can use this, for example, to hide the results during voting, and only show them when voting has ended.

  • The option Display results as allows you to display results as either a bar chart or as a pie chart.

  • The option Show total number of votes shows the number of votes on the screen. If this is off, only percentages will be shown.

  • Preview updates live so you can immediately see how your selected options will appear, and preview your active question. The moment you activate a question, it will appear on the presentation screen.

  • The URL to the presentation page.

Show Presentation on Projector Screen

The presentation URL should be opened in a separate browser window. You can choose from three options to do this:

  • Click the Copy button or highlight the URL and copy it, open a new browser window and paste the URL there

  • Click the Open button, which will open the presentation in a new window automatically

  • If the link is already open in a tab, drag the tab down until you see a transparent new window

Make sure your second (projector screen) is an extension of your computer's screen, not a copy.

  • Windows: Press Win + P until Extended is selected. 

  • MacOS: Click the Apple menu () and choose System Preferences. Choose Displays and click the Arrangement tab. Make sure that Mirror Displays isn't selected.

Once this is set up, you can just drag the Presentation window to the projector screen and maximise it there. It does not matter from which computer the questions are moderated.

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