Before starting a vote, make sure you can show your audience the results on the Presentation page, that you are logged in to Eureka and have the right session selected.

Start and stop voting

Votes should be started from a computer or screen the audience cannot see.

Find the question you want your audience to vote for in the list and click the circle in the top left. This will become a green checkmark with the text Active question next to it and the background of the question will become green. You can only have one active question at a time.

You can start and stop the vote in two ways:

Manually with the on/off button

Start the vote by pressing play on the Vote is Off button. 

When a vote is running, the button will change to say Vote is On. Press stop to turn vote off. 

With a timer

The Use a timer switch will enable the timer. When the switch is off, the vote will run continuously.

When the switch is on, the vote will automatically stop when  the set time runs out.

With the arrows above and below the timer, set the amount of time you want to give the audience to answer this question, and press play on the button on the left to turn the vote on. You can also stop it manually by pressing stop. Once the timer is on 0, you can use the reset button on the right of the timer to reset it to the last time value used.

When voting is off and users will click the Vote button in the app, they will get the message There is no active question at this moment.

Votes are automatically processed in the Presentation screen you show your users.

Resetting vote results

You can reset a vote by clicking the restore icon in the card of the question. 

You will be asked to confirm if you really want to reset the results.

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