Log in or sign up to Eureka

Click the link in the invite email you have received. Log in if you already have an account, or create an account with the email address you received the invite on.

View interactive sessions

After logging in, you will see the name of all events you've been invited to moderate at in the left side menu. Click on the event name to view the sessions you have been invited to.

The NEW tag will appear next to the event name when you have received a new invitation to moderate an interactive session, as well as next to each newly invited session.

Click the session you want to add questions to. After it's opened, make sure Vote is selected top left.

Add questions

Click Add question button below the toolbar.

Add the questions and the options. New options can be added by clicking +, moved by dragging on the dots and deleted by clicking x. Click Save to save the question. After doing so, it will appear in your overview.

Change the order of the questions

To change the order of the questions, move them up and down by clicking the arrows. Make sure their order is logical, so that they can easily be found back during the presentation.

Delete, edit and clear questions

To delete a question, click the trashcan icon in the top right.

  To edit a question, click the pencil icon. 

To clear all votes and start a question anew with 0 votes, click the restore icon. 

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