Add a channel

Adding a channel involves work from our side. Contact us for more info.

Run a channel

Once a channel is set up, you can run it by pressing Run channels in the toolbar. This will import the data from the channel(s) and after that create a release. The channels will be run in the order in which they are listed, so if there is any duplicate information, that of the last channel is used.

The results of the run can be found in the table. In case a run has failed, a red icon with a cross is shown in the Status column. In the logs, more info about the reason why it failed can be found.

Schedule a job

If you want to schedule a data import and release for later, you can use the tab Scheduled jobs. This will 'click the Run channels button' at the moment you schedule it. 

Click Add job and select the date and time of the (first) occurrence and its timezone. If you choose to repeat a job, also select the last occurrence. Click Add to save the job. In the table, you can see the results of the job: its type, when the last run was, when the next run will be and what the status of the import and the release was. If an import or release fails, check the logs in Channels or Releases for details.

You can as many recurring jobs as you want. You can for example set an weekly update in the month before the event, a daily update in the week before, and an hourly update during the event, to make sure your users are up to date.

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