Classifiers can be used to group data. Some examples:

  • create overviews of program items per topic or session type

  • add the product categories to institutions as a reference for users

  • display your sponsors grouped on bronze, solver and gold levels

Create types in the data structure

Before adding classifiers, make sure the types you want to create them for are added in the data structure. If you're for example planning to add topics to program items, make sure that in the Classifiers, you have created the type Topic.

Add a classifier

Go to the page Data, tab Classifiers and click Add classifier. Enter its basic details:

  • Name: the classifier name.

  • Order (optional): if you don't enter an order, classifiers will be sorted alphabetically in lists. If you want them sorted in another way, choose in the settings when creating a list page to sort first by order and then by name. Then enter a low number for the item you want to display first, and higher numbers for items below that.

  • Type: choose the selected Type, e.g. Topic, Session Type or Product Category.

  • Color (optional): if you assign a colour to a classifier, a bar with this colour is displayed left of items with this classifier in lists, and above in detail pages (see image below). In the data tables in the configurator, you can also easily recognise them by this colour.

  • Icon (optional): similar to colours, you can also add icons. These will appear below the location in lists, and below the title and subtitle in detail pages.

After clicking Create, the detail page opens. Here you can add more data to the institution. Don't forget to click Save & Close after you're done!

  • Info: here you can add extended info to the classifier. You can use the HTML editor to format the text and to add links, images and video's. By clicking the pencil top right, you can change the data structure that defines whether the info should be visible in the app and what its name should be. Please note that when editing this, changes are applied to all objects of the same type.

  • Other sections: there are probably other sections defined in your data structure to which you can add data. For more info on how to add data to sections, see the related topic. To change the sections, you have to change the data structure by clicking the pencil top right. Please note that when editing this, changes are applied to all objects of the same type. 

Edit one classifier

Simply click Edit in the table overview of the Data page, Classifiers tab. The same fields as described above can be edited.

Edit multiple classifiers at the same time

To edit multiple classifiers at the same time, select the items in the table overview and click Edit selected. The following properties can be edited:

  • Type: you can only change the type if you've selected items of the same type.

  • Order: add or edit an ordering name for these classifiers

Delete a classifier

Select the item(s) to delete in the table overview of the Data page, Classifiers tab and click the button Delete selected in the toolbar. You'll be requested to confirm deletion.

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