Set the event time zone

The timezone is set automatically based on the location you selected in the event tile settings. You can change it here. The event timezone can be set to make it easier to configure things that require an exact time, such as sending a news message

Besides the time zone of your current location, you can then select the time zone configured in the settings when sending an announcement. 

Change the date formats

Each of these date formats are used in different locations.

  • Long Date: used on the detail page of program items

  • Short Date: used in the program overviews, together with the time

  • Day Month Date: used in the date selector bar of the program

  • Day Month Year Date: used in the news box

  • Time: used in program overviews, together with short date

  • Picker Date: used when adding appointments to your program

You can configure the formats by entering the characters specified below the information icon. A preview of what it will look like in the app is displayed below the field.

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