In the table on the left, you see an overview all categories for which you can create types. The number next to a category is the number of types in it. To add a new type, click the +. Fill in the singular and plural name. These names will be used in the app, for example in the title bar or in the section headers on the detail page of an item. 

To delete a type, click the trashcan. Please note that you cannot delete types that contain data. Deleted types can be found and restored through the View recycle bin link below the table.

The following categories are available:

  • Program items: all types related to the daily program, like sessions or presentations. Specify also whether the item is a root element. This can be used to in the daily program.

  • Posters: all types that are in the program, but don't have a start and end time. Mostly only has the type Posters.

  • Institutions: all types of institutions, such as exhibitors or sponsors. For this type, two extra options are available: whether a placeholder should be displayed in lists when no logo is added, and whether the layout of the detail page should be a background with a logo on top, or a banner.

  • Persons: all types of persons. Mostly only has the type Persons.

  • Classifiers: all type that are used to group data, e.g. sponsors levels, topics or product categories.

  • Places: all different place types, e.g. booths or rooms.

  • Roles: the roles persons could have, e.g. authors or presenters.

  • Links: all types of links, e.g. websites or abstracts

In the data structure of a type that opens right of this table, you can add sections, that define what data can be added in the editor and what is shown in the app.

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