Navigation pages link to other pages or objects in the app. They can be used to add extra levels of navigation besides the home menu.

Go to Pages & Structure, tab Pages and click the + in the table next to Navigation

Page name

Set the name of the page. This name is displayed in the app bar.

Access restriction & protection

Default, anyone can view the page in the app. You can restrict this below Access restriction & protection. Options are:

  • Restrict access to signed-in users only.

  • Restrict access to users belonging to a certain group.

  • Protect the page with a password.


  • Layout: you can choose whether you want to display the linked items as a vertical menu (left) or as horizontal tabs (right).


Add here the items to navigate to. The Title is the name displayed in the menu or the tabs. You can link to individual objects, for example an institution or a specific session, the My Congress page or any other page you have created. Below Advanced Options, you can optionally protect the links with a password or require users to sign in before they can access the page.

If you chose the layout option Menu, you can optionally select an icon to display left of the text and also link to a URL. For Tabs, choose which one is selected upon opening this page. Naturally, this can only be one item.

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