Happening now/next pages show users the items from the daily program that are going on now or that will start soon. These items are automatically filtered based on the settings of the page.

Go to Pages & Structure, tab Pages and click the + in the table next to Happening Now/Next. You can create multiple now/next pages, for example one that shows all things that are now running, and one that shows what will start in 15 minutes.

Page name

Set the name of the page. This name is displayed in the app bar.


  • Events to show: here you can choose whether you want to display events that are going on now or those will start in a certain number of minutes/hours.

  • Intro text: this text is displayed above the program items that will appear in the list. You can give a bit more information here about the items in the list, for example 'The following sessions are starting in 15 minutes'.

  • Message when there are no events: when a user opens the page at a time when there are no events suiting the criteria, he or she will get a toast message, which can be configured here.

  • Filter by classifier: optionally, you can narrow down what is shown on the page by filtering it on classifier. This for example allows you to only show sessions with a certain topic.

  • Included program elements: here you can set which types of the program items should be shown in the list. Be sure to check only types on the same level in the hierarchy here, otherwise both the session and the presentations in it are shown.

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