The floor plan shows one or multiple floor plans of the conference venue. With the search button top right, an overview of all places on the plan can be opened.

Go to Pages & Structure, tab Pages and click the + in the table next to Floorplan. You can only have one floor plan page per event (which can contain multiple floor plans), so if you have one, the + disappears.

Page name

Set the name of the page. This name is displayed in the app bar.


  • Visibility of pins when opening page: you can choose to either display all pins when users open a floor plan page (Visible), or to not display any (Invisible).

  • Visible place types: choose here which place types to display in the floor plan and the overview of places.


Add an image by clicking Add image and then Select image. The dimensions of the file should be maximum 2000x2000 px.

When there are multiple floor plans, the Name specified here is displayed on the tab. 

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