The daily program is a sorted overview of all program items in the data. The data itself can be edited in the Data section.

Go to Pages & Structure, tab Pages and click the + in the table next to Daily program.

Page name

Set the name of the page. For daily programs, this name is displayed in the app bar.

Access restriction & protection

Default, anyone can view the page in the app. You can restrict this below Access restriction & protection. Options are:

  • Restrict access to signed-in users only.

  • Restrict access to users belonging to a certain group.

  • Protect the page with a password.


  • Root element: in the data, you make connections between different program items, e.g. a day consists out of timeframes, which consist out of sessions, which consist out of presentations. Here you can select where this hierarchy should start. The selected type is displayed in the top slider. Please note that only items marked as Is root element in the data structures will show up here.

  • List view layout: this specifies whether in the list view, the timeframes should be displayed as tabs (like the example above) or as section headers.

  • Table view grouping: in the table, you can group the blocks of items either by location, by classifier (if you choose this, you need to select a classifier type), or don't group them at all.

  • Filters: here you can define what users can filter on in the mobile app and in the web app. You can set up to 3 filters.

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