A carousel is a page with one or multiple full-screen images, that can be anywhere in the app.

Go to Pages & Structure, tab Pages and click the + in the table next to Carousel.

Page name

Set the name of the page. For carousels, this name is not visible in the app bar, as the image will be full-screen, but it can be used to identify the page within the configurator.


  • Image transition: you can choose to display the images as a slideshow and then set a duration for them, or you can require your users to swipe to view the next image.

  • Close icon: at the top right of the carousel, an icon is shown that closes it. Choose here what that icon should look like.

  • Ask to show: these options allow you to give the user a message before and after displaying the carousel, to ask him or her whether it should be displayed or not. When unchecked, users will not see these messages.


Add an image by clicking Add image and then Select image. The preferred dimensions of the file are 1500x2000 px. If your image is another size, you can crop it to the right size after selecting it.

When adding a connected object to an image, a button will appear on this image in the app, allowing users to add the item to their favourites directly from there.

Select the image on the home screen

If you want to display your carousel before opening the home screen, you still need to select it there. Go to the tab Home, and select the page below Carousel. Create a release to show your page in the app.

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