In the configurator, the splash screen that is shown before the home page is loaded is called Intro page

Go to Pages & Structure, tab Pages and click the + in the table next to Intro page. You can only have one intro page per event, so if you have one, the + disappears.

After creating the intro page, make sure that you have selected it on the home page configuration page.

Page name

Set the name of the page. For intro pages, this name is not visible in the app bar, as the image will be full-screen, but it can be used to identify the page within the configurator.


  • Duration: set how long you want your page to appear.

  • Close icon: optionally, you can add a close icon to the page, so that users can close the intro page to go directly to the home page.


For the intro page, images of different sizes have to be uploaded in order to make sure the images fit perfectly on different devices. The requested image dimensions and suffixes can be found in the Artwork Guidelines below Intro pages.

You can upload the images in two ways:

  • Click a grey button to select the file for that type on your computer.

  • If the naming of your files end in the pattern described in the guidelines, you can click Select multiple and select all files at once. They will then automatically be linked to the right fields.

Select the image on the home screen

After creating the page, you still need to select it on the home screen. Go to the tab Home, and select the page below Intro page. Create a release to show your page in the app.

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