The preview represents the way the app will look like on different devices and orientations: mobile portrait (2 columns), phone landscape/tablet portrait (3 columns) and tablet landscape (4 columns). 

When creating a new tile, make sure to organise your tiles on all three pages and to save these layouts, otherwise the tiles will appear in the order you created them. After saving, users of the app will directly see the new layout, you do not need to create an app update or release for that.

Set app name

Above the tiles, you can set the name of your app. Clicking the pencil icon will make the title editable. After making changes, click the checkmark to save them. Users of the app will directly see the new name. The color of the app bar can be set below the Colors button.

Move tiles

You can move tiles around on the preview by keeping down your mouse button on the selected tile and dragging it to the desired position. The rest of the tiles will automatically move along.

Resize tiles

You can resize tiles in two ways.

  • by clicking and dragging the bottom-right corner.

  • by editing the tile info and changing the tile size.

In both cases, make sure that the artwork of the selected size is added and that you check and save the position of the tiles on all three layouts.

Hide tiles

Hiding tiles can also be done in two ways:

  • by clicking the green pencil icon top right and selecting Hide.

  • by editing the tile info and setting the Status to Hidden.

As a result of hiding a tile, other tiles might have been moved. Make sure to check the tiles on all three layouts and save your configuration.

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