To edit the colors of the society app home screen, click Colors at the top right of the Home screen layout section. 

The following can be customized:

  • App bar: this is the title bar containing the app name. You might want this bar to be your branding color.

  • Background: this is the background color behind the tiles. Choose a neutral color that matches with the event tile background.

  • Event tile background: event tiles have a section that displays the event title and subtitle. This sets the background color of these tiles.

  • Event tile text: this sets the text color in the event tile section described above. Make sure you choose a color that has enough contrast with the event tile background: a dark color there means a light one here and vice versa.

  • Contrast color: this is the color of the buttons on the event info page in the app, for example Install or Open.

The changes can immediately be seen in the preview. After clicking Save, app users will also see the new colors directly. You do not need to create an app update or release.

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