On the selection screen, you can add two types of events: 

  • Event: the structure of this type of event is fully customisable. For all data in it, you can decide what users will see in the app. This type is particularly useful for large conferences with parallel sessions, posters, topics, PDF abstracts, etcetera.

  • Event Lite: the structure of this type is fixed, making it quick an easy to set it up. This type can be used for smaller events taking place in one location, where the programme and the related persons are the most important.

To add a tile for an event, click the button Add tile at the top left and choose Event or Event Lite. In the page that opens, you can set the details of the event. After entering the data, click Save to create the tile. The tile is added below all other tiles, so make sure to move it to the desired position and to save that layout.

Event data

  • Event name on tile: limited to a certain number of characters due to the tile size. Large tiles have a higher character limit, as more text will fit on them.

  • Web app URL: the URL of your web app is automatically composed by lowercasing the event name and removing all spaces and special characters. If you want, you can change it before creating the tile by clicking Edit. Please note that it cannot be changed afterwards anymore, as the web app is deployed on the URL the first time the tile is saved.

  • Start/end date: use the date picker to select a start and end date.

  • Location: start typing the location and then select it from the list that opens.

  • Subtitle used in tile: this is the subtitle displayed below the title on the tile. For consistency and ease, you can automatically generate a subtitle from the date and location, and adjust it if desired.

  • Description: enter the event description. You can use headers, bold, underlined and italic text, lists and links. If you copy the text from another page or document, make sure to remove the font style (with the eraser button), in order to make it look consistent in the app.


  • Status: the status defines who can see and install the event.
    - Available: all users can see the tile and the event info. Please note that the event tile can only be set to Available after a release has been made, so if you create a new tile, this option is not visible.
    - Coming soon: in the app, the Install button is replaced by Coming Soon. All users can view the tile and the event info, but cannot install the event.
    - Hidden: the tile is not visible on the society home screen.

  • Event can be installed by: Default, Anyone can install an event. Instead, you can also restrict installation to Attendees only or Signed in users only. Only users that are on the attendee list or are signed in, will then be able to install this event.

  • Allow installing with secret search key: If you want to make the event available to a limited number of users for testing purposes, you can check Allow installing with secret search key and enter a key in the field below. This option is only available when an event status is Coming Soon or Hidden. Users that enter this exact key in the search in the app, will find an installable version of the event. Make sure the key is not too easy, so that users who should not have access will not accidentally find it.

  • Protect with password: If you tick the checkbox Protect with password and enter a password in the field below, only users that know this password can install the event.

  • Require accepting terms and conditions before installation: When ticked, users that want to install the event are shown a popup message with a link to the URL specified in the field below. They have to accept these terms and conditions before they can proceed with installing the event.

  • Conference code: This option is only needed if you use a certain sign-in option. Contact us for more info.

Tile size

For both events types, you can choose two tile sizes: medium (left) or large (right).


The images are needed if the event is either Coming soon or Available, since only then it is visible for the users. As long as your event is Hidden, images are not yet required.

When clicking Add image, a modal opens where you can select the image to upload. The preferred dimensions are shown in the placeholder. When your file does not have these dimensions, you can crop it to the right ratio after selecting it.

Tile placement

After entering the data, click Save to create the tile. New tiles are added to the bottom below all other tiles. When you return to the Selection screen page, move it to the desired position in all three layouts (Phone portrait, Phone landscape / Tablet portrait, and Tablet landscape) and press Save when you are done.

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