In case you are experiencing technical difficulties make sure to check the tips below.


  • Do you have a good internet connection? If the Wi-Fi connection is unstable, check if a cable connection is available, try with another internet connection or use a hotspot.

  • Make sure you are using the latest browser version of Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. In this browser, we can ensure the best quality.

  • Have you closed other video conferencing tools? Or other tabs and programmes that consume resources on your computer? We advise all tabs on your browser to be closed and only keep one dashboard window open. You should also close any other applications (make sure you quit them on Mac) so that your computer can run faster.

  • Do you have a VPN connection enabled? Please disable your VPN as it can block certain features on the platform.

    Windows: Settings> Network & Internet > Select VPN in the left-side menu > select the VPN Connection you want to disable and click Disconnect.
    macOS: System Preferences > Network > Select your VPN connection from the left panel > Click Disconnect.
    Android: Go to Settings > Network & Internet > Toggle off the VPN.
    iOS: Go to Settings > General > Tap VPN > Toggle off the VPN status to Not Connected.

  • Try refreshing the web app using Cmd+Shift+R (Mac) or Ctrl+Shift+F5 (Windows).

  • If your computer has not been turned off for some time, this can slow down the platform. We advise restarting your computer.

People can’t see or hear me

If people cannot see or hear you in a virtual room, we advise going through the following steps:

  1. Make sure your camera is not covered by anything.

  2. Click on the arrow next to the microphone icon and select the correct Audio and Video sources.

  3. If you are using a headset, check if the microphone is not muted on the headset itself. If the headset is wireless, check the battery level.

  4. Check if the browser is allowed to access your microphone and camera.

  5. Turn off VPN as this might block your access to the Virtual Event Platform.

  6. Relaunch the mobile app or refresh the web page using Cmd+Shift+R (Mac) or Ctrl+Shift+F5 (Windows).

I cannot share my screen

If the screen share button does not work, this is in most cases because you have previously not given your browser permission to do this. Access your system preferences and allow the browser you are using to share screen:

  • On Mac: System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Screen Recording and add in Chrome.

  • On Windows: If screen sharing isn’t working this might be due to a missing ‘screen sharing extension’ in your browser. You can check this by typing chrome://extensions/ into the address bar of your browser. In case the screen sharing extension is already in place it might be disabled, then switch it on. If the screen sharing extension isn’t there, please visit the Chrome Web Store to install one for free via this link.

Tip: If you are in a hurry, try another browser. The platform is compatible with the latest versions of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

White-listing for firewalls in corporate networks or VPNs

Some network administrators (IT departments, companies, or universities) block all video and audio services in browsers by default. This can cause the Virtual Event Platform or its features (e.g. broadcast) to not being able to transmit video or audio data. This may impact you when you use the Virtual Event Platform over your company internet network, a company VPN, or a corporate laptop.

If the user who is having the issue is using a VPN, the easiest way is to turn the VPN off. If not, then the IT Department could whitelist our services. Below you find all the necessary information the IT department will need to unblock all services used by Conference Compass:

Those domains all need to be wildcards for the subdomains e.g







To access the virtual platform and web app, it is needed to whitelist the following domains in your firewall:





  • * [CLIENT]

  • * [EVENT]-[CLIENT]

  • * [CLIENT]

*Request these details at the organiser.

The platform ports that need to be open are:

Destination ports

Port type


80; 443; 5222; 5280; 3433; 4700 - 5000; 5668; 5669; 6080; 6443; 8667; 9667; 5443;



3478; 4700 - 5000



Please do not set static IP restrictions to our domain as our infrastructure is scaling permanently and server content through multiple endpoints, in different geographical locations.

For more information on Firewall, requirements access the Agora platform documentation.

Still, experiencing problems?

Please contact the organiser with as many details as possible about your issue. If possible, include a screenshot.

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