For your Web App, you can create a landing page with a news feed, video, upcoming sessions and links to other items within your Web App.


On your landing page, you can choose to automatically display your news feed on the right side of the page, or to only display tiles.

The preview in the frame below is adjusted automatically.

Add Tiles

There are different tile options for your landing page:

  • Video: with this widget you can embed a video stream onto your landing page. This can be a live stream, or static video. Make sure to have your video uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo, as these are the only platforms supported.

  • Upcoming sessions: this widget allows you to select a Happening Now/Next page. The sessions that would show on this page, will be shown as a list on the widget.

  • Menu tiles: Menu tiles are links to any other pages in the Web App. Please note that the page you link it to, should also be added in the side menu. If it is not, you will get a warning. You can choose between different layouts: 4 small, 2 medium, 1 large or 2 small and 1 medium. You can upload a custom image as background of the tile, or choose from a selection of icons, add a background color or label.

Make sure to click Save in the toolbar to save your changes. When configured, the landing page will be added automatically as first page in the side menu. It is then the first page your users will see. A release is needed to push your changes to the Web App.

Rearrange Tiles

To rearrange tiles or tile groups, click and hold the dots icon in the top left. Then drag the tile or group to its new position.

Remove Tiles

To remove tiles or tile groups, click the trashcan icon at the top right.

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