Besides messages you send to all your app users, you can also send a targeted message to a certain group within your community. To learn how to add users to groups, read this article.

App / event messages

Just like 'normal' news messages, there are two levels on which you can send a targeted message: app level or event level. The steps to send the message and the available options are the same.

  • App news messages will appear in the overview below the News tile on the selection screen. If you send a push notification with an app message, it will be sent to all targeted users that have the app installed.

  • Event messages will appear in the event news feed. Push notifications are sent only to the targeted users that have installed the event.

Send a new targeted message

To send a new targeted message, go to the message overview by clicking the menu item. Select the tab Targeted messages and click Add targeted message.

This will open a wizard with three steps.

Step 1: Send to users

In this step, you select up to 3 groups of users you want to send your message to. You can choose to send it to all users that are part of all selected groups, or any of these groups. Besides that, you can also filter on country.

Step 2: Content

Just like for news messages, you define the subject and body text in this step.

  • Subject: this is used in two places: the title in the news overview and, if you send a push notification, as the push notification text. Keep this below 75 characters, as it might be truncated if it is longer.

  • Push notification: tick this box if you, besides including the news messages in the overview, also want to send a push notification. Be careful with sending push notifications. If you send too many, users will be annoyed and switch off notifications completely.

  • Message: add the text of your message here. You can use basic styling (bold, italic, underlined), bullet lists and links. Please note that links will open in the in-app browser, so that users do not leave your app. In case you want a link to open in an external browser, add: ?openlinkType=external. If the link already contains a ?-query, use &openlinkType=external instead.

  • Media: media will appear above the news message in the feed and on the detail page. To include videos, you need to add a YouTube or Vimeo URL. For images, you can either link to a URL, when your image is already online, or you can upload the image directly. To remove an added image or video, click Clear.

Step 3: Date and time

  • Send date and time: here you can choose to send the message Now or to Select a date to schedule it for later. If you choose the latter, select the date and time when to send it. Make sure to also set if this is the date and time in your current timezone or in the event timezone.

  • Expiration date and time: if you want your message to expire after a certain period, set an expiration date and time for it by choosing Select a date. After this date, the message is no longer visible in the app. This could be useful for example for late room changes or activity announcements, that are not relevant anymore after the session or activity has ended. If you set an expiration date, you also need to select the timezone of this date.

Click Send/Schedule after adding all details. If you have chosen to send it now, it will be sent immediately. You can then see a checkmark left of the message. If you have scheduled it for later, you will see a clock icon, and the date it will be sent.

View receivers

In the table, you can find a button View receivers. This opens a table in which you can see all users that are part of the groups you selected when creating the message. These users will see the messages in their news feed.

If you want to check if a specific user has seen your message, enter (part of) the user's name in the box at the bottom left. The table will be filtered accordingly.

Edit a message

Scheduled or sent targeted messages can be edited by clicking Edit in the overview. For example, this can be useful if you have made a typo. The same data as above can be edited. Please note that when your message has already been sent with a push notification, the box is unchecked, as you cannot send messages in the past. Expired messages cannot be edited.

Delete a message

To delete a message, click Delete in the overview. If you had a push notification scheduled, it will no longer be sent.

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