Step 1: Set up the Event Mobile App and Web App as you normally would

Create the event in the configurator for the mobile app and Web App with the setup and data as you would do for a regular in-person event. You can find more info in this section.

Step 2: Enable the Virtual Room for the respective sessions and (poster) presentations

In Data, select the session or (poster) presentation for which you would like to enable the virtual room or on-demand recording. Scroll down to the section Virtual & recordings.

Choose whether the button in the app should be:

  • Off: button is not visible for this session.

  • Virtual Room: button “Enter Virtual Room” is visible for this session.

  • On-demand recording: button “View recording” is visible for this session.

Select the type of virtual room. Options are:

  • Built-in virtual room

  • External link: enter the URL to the external virtual room.

Select the type of On-demand recording:

  • Built-in virtual room recording: select a recording made on the Virtual Event Platform for this session.

  • External link: enter the URL to the external location of the video.

If you want to include a video from YouTube or Vimeo, you may consider embedding it in the banner at the top of a session page instead. Attendees can then more easily view the video and access the features of the app.

Please note that anything you select or enter here, requires a programme update before it is visible in the Mobile and Web App. You may set the types or links of the virtual room or on-demand recording while the button is still Off. This allows you to prepare the setup of the platform without attendees seeing the buttons to enter the room or view the recording yet.

Step 3: Set the type of Virtual Room and invite moderators, speakers and hosts

Click Virtual & Interactivity in the side menu, and then click Sessions.

Select the session or (poster) presentation you want to send invites for from the list. Below Room Type, choose your type of session: Moderated session or Poster presentation or round-table session.

Then click Add Invite and select the type of role you would like to assign:

  • For moderated sessions, you can invite Virtual room moderators and Virtual room speakers. You can invite up to 15 moderators and speakers for the same session.

  • For poster presentations or round-table sessions, you can only invite one Virtual poster or round-table host.

After selecting the role, you will be asked to enter the email address of the user to invite. The users you invite will be part of your community. When the user is not yet registered, you will be asked to enter their first and last name. When the user is already registered in your community, the first and last name will automatically appear.

When you send the invite, the user will receive an email with a link to the virtual dashboard.

They will need to sign in when they are already registered, or create an account when they have not registered yet. In the latter case, the fields First name and Last name are filled in with the name that you specified. After creating signing in, they will see all sessions and presentations to which they have access on their dashboard.

To delete a moderator, speaker or host, just click the trashcan icon. The respective email address will then no longer have access to the dashboard.

Step 4: Instruct your moderators, speakers and hosts

This is probably a good time to instruct your moderators, speakers and hosts on how to run their session. General instructions for the different dashboards can be found within this section of the support portal. For more event-specific details, check the instructions your CSM shared with you, adjust it according to your needs, send it over and organise a trial run at least one week before the event.

Note that you can invite yourself or someone from your staff as a moderator to selected sessions to help out during the session.

Step 5: Restrict access and invite your attendees

In order to prevent unwanted guests from entering the virtual sessions, you can set the event access to Attendees Only in the event tile info.

When users enter the event on the mobile app or the browser, they will be asked to sign in.

Only when their email address is on the attendee list, will they be able to access the event. When they have not signed in before, they will receive a verification email on the email address they entered to confirm their email address.

You can add users to the attendee list through the Attendees menu within the event. Here you can add users manually, or you can upload a spreadsheet containing their first name, last name and email address. After that, you can send them an email invite.

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