Step 1: Add attendees

First, make sure all users you want to invite are in the attendee list. You can add them manually, or import them through an Excel file. This article explains more about adding attendees.

Step 2: Create an email template

Before sending the invites, create the template you want to use. On the Settings menu, go to the tab Emails.

The following can be configured here:

Here you need to add the id of your app in the App Store. This is needed to make sure the App Store button in the invite links to the right page. Find the page of your app on the App Store, such as, and copy the id from the URL into this field. Please note it is not needed to do this for the Play Store.


  • Header image: This image is shown above the email. Create a 900x450px version of your event branding for it.

  • Accent color: The accent color is used for the title, for links in the email and for the footer line. Make sure the color matches your event branding.

Attendee invite / Attendee reminder

  • Subject: This is the subject of the email; both shown in the subject line and as title in the email itself.

  • Body text: This is the text in the rest of the email. You can use tags to personalize the email:
    - [firstname], [lastname]: when sending the email, this will be replaced by the first or last name as set in the attendee list.
    - {appstore}, [playstore]: these are the links to the app on the App or Play Store. These links are automatically generated when the app is built based on the bundle id.
    - [webapp]: to add a link to your web app, if you have any.

You can create separate emails for the initial invites, and for reminders you can send to attendee that has not installed the app yet. The attendees will receive emails what look like this:

Step 3: Send invites

After configuring the template, you can start sending emails. In the attendee list, select the users you want to invite by clicking the checkbox in front of their names. Next, click Send email and choose Invite or Reminder.

A screen opens where you can review the text of the email. The title indicates how many attendees will receive it. If you want, you can change the text here. Please note this will not affect the template.

Click Preview to see what your email will look like. Click Send to send the email.

If you want to send a reminder, you only want to address people that have not installed the event yet. To filter these users, select Invited below Status.

This will list only the users that are invited, but have not installed the event yet. Next, follow the same steps as when sending an invite.

You can also see who has already installed the event by selecting the status Installed.

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