Social moderators can moderate the Event Feed and the session chats when signing in through the link that is sent in the invite.

In the Interactivity page, on the tab Social wall & session chat moderators, you can find an overview of all persons with these rights. From here you can also invite new ones.

Click Add invite, enter the email address of the moderator (only one e-mail address at a time) and click Send invite. The invite email is immediately sent, and the moderator's email address will appear in the overview table.

Resending invites

At any point, you can resend an invite by following the same process as inviting a new moderator. For Session Moderators, just select the session, enter the email address and send the invite. For Social Moderators, click Add invite to send a new invite.

Removing moderators

Currently, it is not possible to remove a moderator. Contact us for more information.

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