Session moderators can moderate the Vote and Ask features on Eureka through the invite they have received. In the Virtual & Interactivity page, Sessions tab, you can find an overview of all your program items. From here you can also invite moderators.

Please note that inviting Vote & Ask moderators only applies to non-virtual sessions. In case you're using a virtual room, you can invite Moderators and Speakers.

Search & filter in table

You can filter the table results on different properties:

  • Keyword: if you're looking for a specific program item, enter the keyword here.

  • Type: if you have created a special type for all interactive sessions, you can choose to display only those.

  • Invite(s) sent: if you want to filter on whether program items have a moderator assigned or not, choose Yes or No below Invite(s) sent.

Assign a session moderator

Find the session in the list that should be moderated and click it to see the current invites. Note that the room type is Non-virtual (default).

Click Add invite and select Vote and Ask moderator.

Enter the email address of the moderator. If he or she is already part of your community, his or her name will be added automatically below First name and Last name. If not, you will need to add those too in order to send the invite. After clicking Send invite, the invite email is then immediately sent. The moderator is added to the community and his or her details will appear in the overview.

Resending invites

At any point, you can resend an invite by following the same process as inviting a new moderator.

Removing moderators

To remove a moderator, click the trashcan icon next to his or her name. The respective email address will then no longer have access to the dashboard.

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