Below program items, posters, persons, institutions and classifiers, you can create a section for links to external websites, PDFs or email addresses. Optionally, you can choose to display a select number of icons before these links. 

In Pages & Structure, tab Data Structures, create a Link type – for example External links or Send email. Check Display media icons to display icons before the link nested in this section. The icon that is displayed is based upon the selected link type you will add in the data.

In the program item type you wish to add these icons to, for example Sessions, add a new section with the category Related and the type Links > External links.

To an external website

At the bottom of the detail page of the item you wish to add the links to, there will now be a section where the individual links can be added. Click Add link to begin and add the link name and URL in the designated fields. If the Display media icons option has been enabled in the Data Structures, select the desired Media type from the dropdown menu. 

If you want the link to open in the external browser instead of within the app, add ?openlinkType=external to the URL.

To a PDF

You can link to a PDF you uploaded elsewhere by clicking Add link and entering the URL, or upload a PDF here by clicking Add document. In order for the PDF to be displayed correctly on both Android and iOS, make sure to choose the Media type PDF.

To an email address

Add the email address below Link URL in the following structure: mailto:// When a user clicks this link in the app, their email app is opened, where the email address is filled in in to To: field. The subject of the message and the body text can be configured through the Language settings.

Media types

The following media types are available:

  • PDF - this option ensures PDFs open correctly on all devices

  • Webpage

  • Ask

  • Evaluation

  • Like

  • Interactive

  • Mail

  • ePoster

  • ePoster (PDF) - this option ensures PDFs open correctly on all devices 

  • Voting

Leaving the Media type blank will result in no icon being shown.

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