Event colors

In Pages & Structure, under the Home tab, you can set the colors for this event. At the top right of the page, the following colors can be set:

  • Primary colour: this is the main colour of you app that is used for the app bar and primary headings in information pages.

  • Secondary colour: the secondary colour is only used in the headers on detail pages of items.

  • Contrast colour: the contrast colour is mostly used for contrasting elements in the app, such as icons, the number of favourited items, or to indicate unread news items.

If you're not sure about the colours to choose, pick only the primary and click Generate theme from primary color to automatically generate the secondary and contrast colors.

Note that not all icons use the event contrast color, but use instead the app-wide contrast color that is set when building the app – this color is seen throughout the entire app and all events. Learn more about setting the app contrast color during app building here. We advise you to use the same contrast color for both the event and the app to ensure a consistent look throughout the app.

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