Add a person

Go to the page Data, tab Persons and click Add person. Enter their basic details:

  • Name: the name of the person.

  • Order (optional): if you don't enter a name in Order (for example, a last name), persons will be sorted alphabetically by their full Name in lists. 

  • Profile picture (optional): here you can add a profile picture to a person. You can select an image from the image library with the dropdown (only images in the category Persons are shown) or add a new one by clicking Upload new image and then Select image. The preferred dimensions of the file are 600x600 px. If your image is another size, you can crop it to the right size after selecting it.

  • Subtitle in lists (optional): choose the subtitle you want to display in the overview of persons.

After clicking Create, the detail page opens. Here you can add further information using the HTML editor to format the text and to add links, images and videos. The detail page is also a place to edit the data you have already entered and link the program item to other data items. Don't forget to click Save & Close after you're done!

Edit a person

Click Edit in the table overview of the Data page, Persons tab to access the detail page of a person. The same fields as described above can be edited.

Delete person(s)

Select the item(s) to delete in the table overview of the Data page, Persons tab and click the button Delete selected in the toolbar. You'll be requested to confirm deletion.

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