Program items that are configured correctly, will automatically appear on your daily program page. The basic program structure is as follows:

  1. Days

  2. Below that multiple Sessions

  3. Below that multiple Presentations

You can add and edit your program items in the Data page, Program items tab.


Click Add program item, select Day, enter a name and pick the date. The name followed by the date will appear in the top slider of the program, for example 'Tuesday July 24th'.

Click Create to create the day. The detail page opens. As no more needs to be filled in here, click Save & Close.

Repeat this process for all your event days.

Sessions and Presentations

Click Add program item, select Session or Presentation, and enter the basic details:

  • Name: the name of the program item.

  • Subtitle: choose the subtitle you want to display in lists (e.g in the program overview or the list of presentations below a session) and on the detail page of the object.

  • Start and End: set the start and end time. If items start at the same time, the ones ending earlier are displayed first.

  • Parent: for sessions, select the day under which to nest it from the dropdown. For presentations, type the name of the session under which the presentation will be nested.

After clicking Create, the detail page opens. Here you can add further information using the HTML editor to format the text and to add links, images and videos. The detail page is also a place to edit the data you have already entered and link the program item to other data items. Don't forget to click Save & Close after you're done!

Edit a program item

Click Edit in the table overview of the Data page, Program items tab to access the detail page of a program item. The same fields as described above can be edited.

Delete a program item

Select the checkbox in front of the item(s) to delete in the table overview of the Data page, Program items tab and click the button Delete selected in the toolbar. You'll be requested to confirm deletion.

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