Before being able to join any chat, users need to be signed in. To encourage them to do so, they will be asked to do so right after installing an event. An overview of all chats can be found in the side menu below Talk.

Topical chat

To encourage discussion between your app users, you can allow them to chat about certain topics on app level. To do so, create a topical chat tile on the selection screen. The available topics can be defined in the tile settings.

Session chat

You can do something similar for sessions and presentations within an event. This session chat can also be switched on through Interactivity > Eureka features. A Chat button will then be added to the button bar of the detail page of a session or presentation. Through that button, users can join the conversation about that session or presentation.

Personal chat

If you use any of the networking features that include user profiles, such as session chat or the event feed, personal chat is automatically also included. When viewing a user profile, there is a button to start chatting to this person.

A user can disallow others to send them personal messages with the profile setting Allow new personal chats. Each user has to define this for himself or herself.

You can also create an attendee list so that your users have a clear overview of all other users they can chat with. This list contains all users that are signed in, and that have given permission to be in it.

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