An event feed allows your attendees to post messages and pictures on a dedicated page in the app. Through each other's profile, they can also send personal messages to each other.

Adding a feed to your event

In the configurator, you can add a feed to your event in two ways:

  • Create a dedicated home menu button for it and link it to My Congress > Event feed.

  • In a navigation page of the type Menu, you can also link one of the items to My Congress > Event feed. A possible structure could be to have one home menu button Networking, and below that a navigation page with links to the attendee list, the user's chat overview, and the event feed.

Besides linking an item, you don't have to do anything to enable the feed.

Reporting posts

Posts, comments and users can be reported through the ... menu found at the top right of these items in the app. Reported posts and comments can be removed by the assigned Social Moderators, and reported users only by Conference Compass. 

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