An event feed allows attendees to post messages and pictures on a dedicated page in the app. Users can respond to message with likes and comments, and can send personal messages to each other through profiles.

Adding a event feed to your event

In the configurator, you can add the event feed to a navigation menu (Pages & Structure > Pages > Navigation). When adding a new item to the menu, select the link type My Congress: Event feed.

Assign event feed moderators

You can invite moderators to review and remove comments and posts that have been reported in the event feed. The invitations can be send under Virtual & Interactivity in the tab Social & Chat moderators.

Click Add invite, enter the email address of the moderator (only one e-mail address at a time) and click Send invite. The invite email is immediately sent, and the moderator's email address will appear in the overview table.

Social moderators can moderate the event feed and the session chats when signing in through the link that is sent in the invite.

At any point, you can resend an invite by following the same process as inviting a new moderator. Currently, it is not possible to remove a moderator.

Reporting comments and posts

In the app, posts and users can be reported by tapping the ... menu at the top right of the post or the user's profile and selecting Report this post in the menu. Comments in social wall posts can be reported by long pressing a comment and selecting Report this comment in the menu.

Reported users can be removed by the organiser in the CMS, via the Attendee or Community List.

Viewing and deleting reported messages

Click the link in the invite email you have received. Log in if you already have an account, or create an account with the email address you received the invite on. After logging in, select the event in the left menu and go to the Social wall & session chat tab to view the reported posts and comments.

The table will show the date a post was reported, the type of post it is (a session chat message, or social wall post or comment), the user who posted it, the content of the post (and for comments, the post to which it responded), and the date the post was made. Using the Delete button, moderators can delete the reported posts and comments. To delete something that is not yet in the list, report it first through the app.

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