Topical chats are available in society apps and allow app users to chat with each other on an app-wide level, regardless of event attended. This type of chat can be switched on by adding a tile. 

On the selection screen page, click Add tile and choose Chat from the dropdown menu. As you can only have one topical chat tile, this option disappears from the menu once the tile has been created. In the page that opens, you can set the topics.


  • Available/Hidden: if set to Available, all users can see the tile on the selection screen. If set to Hidden, the tile is not visible there.

  • Page can be accessed by: here you can choose between Anyone, Signed-in users only or any of the groups you defined in your community. The tile is visible to all users (if set to Available), but only the users that match the criteria will be able to see the tile content when opening it.

Chat tile data

  • Name: this is the name that will be displayed above the page in the app bar.

  • Introduction text: here you can add a text of max 100 characters, that is shown above the topic list. Use this text to explain your users what they can do within this chat.

  • Topics: here you can define the topics you want to allow your users to chat about. You can add a name and a subtitle for each topic. The order can be changed by dragging them with the arrow on the left. You can delete a topic by clicking the trashcan icon. Please note that when you delete a topic, the existing conversation will remain visible to users that already participated, but new messages can no longer be sent.

Tile size

Just like for info tiles, you can choose three sizes: small, medium or large.


Only the image of the selected tile size is required. The rest is optional, but might come in handy when you decide to change the tile size later. 

When clicking Add image, a modal opens where you can select the image to upload. The preferred dimensions are shown in the placeholder. When your file doesn't have the preferred dimensions, you can crop it to the right ratio after selecting it

Tile placement

After entering the data, click Save to create the tile. New tiles are added to the bottom below all other tiles. When you return to the Selection screen page, move it to the desired position in all three layouts (Phone portrait, Phone landscape / Tablet portrait, and Tablet landscape) and press Save when you are done.


You can assign moderators for the topical chat by adding their e-mail addresses here. Moderators see a list of all reported messages when signing in on Eureka and selecting the app from the side menu. They can choose to delete the messages in this list.

Reporting messages in the app

In the app, messages in topical chats can be reported by long pressing a message and selecting Report this message in the menu.

Reported messages can be removed by the assigned topical chat moderators.

Viewing and deleting reported messages in Eureka

Click the link in the email you have received or go to Log in if you already have an account, or create an account with the email address you received the invite on.

After logging in, select the name of the app in the left menu and go to the Topical chat tab to view the reported messages.

The table will show the date a post was reported, the type of post it is, the user who posted it, the content of the post, the topical chat in which it was written, and the date the post was made. Using the Delete button, moderators can delete the reported posts. To delete a message that is not yet in the list, report it first through the app.

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