The following features that support networking and engagement are available in the app:

  • Evaluation forms

  • Rating

  • Eureka Vote

  • Eureka Ask

  • Talk

  • Appointments

  • Contact list

  • Event feed

Each of these features is explained below.

Evaluation Forms

You can link evaluation forms to any type of program item or posters in the app. This way you can allow your users to evaluate sessions, presentations and other program items. If you want, you can create a different form with different questions for each type. Questions can be multiple-choice, checkboxes or text input. A form can be linked to this type through Interactivity > Eureka features

Clicking the icon in the app opens a webpage with the questions and at the bottom a button to submit the answers. 

The results can be downloaded as an Excel file through Interactivity > Evaluation forms.


The Rate button opens a window where the number of stars can be selected. Like evaluation forms, the Rate feature can only be added to program items and posters. When switched on through Interactivity > Eureka features, the button is added on the action bar.

The results can be downloaded from the analytics.

Eureka Vote

Eureka Vote can be used to ask the opinion of your audience during sessions and presentations. When switched on through Interactivity > Eureka features, a button is added on the action bar. Questions can be prepared in advance through the Eureka platform. If one of them is enabled for voting, clicking the button from the app opens a page with the selected question. The user can select an option and send their vote here. The vote results are visible from the Eureka platform. They can, optionally, also be shown to the audience.

Eureka Ask

Eureka Ask allows users to ask questions through the app during sessions and presentations. When switched on through Interactivity > Eureka features, a button is added on the action bar. When sending questions is enabled through the Eureka platform, this button in the app opens a page where the user can enter their question. Sent questions become visible in the Eureka platform, and can from there be made visible to the audience as well.


Using the chat will allow users to send messages in a group chat or personal messages to other users. There are different chat options available.

Topical chat

On the selection screen, you can create a topical chat tile, allowing your app users to chat about topics you define. These topics can be defined in the tile settings.

Session Chat

In sessions and presentations, chat can also be switched on through Interactivity > Eureka features. A Chat button will then be added to the button bar of the detail page of a session or presentation. Through that button, users can join the conversation about that session or presentation.

Personal Chat

With personal chat, users can send private messages to each other. To help your users find each other, you can set up an attendee list. This list contains all users that are signed in, and that have given the permission to be visible.

From the attendee list, a user can be clicked to see his or her profile. From this profile the Talk button can be clicked to start a conversation. A user can disallow others to send them personal messages by turning off the profile setting Allow new personal chats. Each user has to define this for him- or herself.

User profiles can not only be reached through the attendee list, but also through the event feed or the topical chat.


Through the app, attendees can add their own appointments to their personal event programme. Optionally, they can also invite another attendee to this appointment, either when creating the appointment from My Programme, or by clicking Schedule appointment on a user profile.

The invitee gets a notification that he or she has an appointment invitation, and can accept or reject it. When accepting it, the appointment will appear in both attendees' personal programmes. A notification is sent right before the appointment starts.

Contact List

In the app, attendees can keep up a contact list, from which they can easily reach their contacts' profiles, for example to send a message, schedule an appointment, or check contact information. The list is the same throughout the app, so it's not event-specific.

Attendees can send a contact request to others by clicking Add to contacts on a user profile. After the request has been accepted, the attendees are in each other's contact list. They can then see each other's contact information, such as the address, phone, or e-mail address, if this was added.

In event attendee lists, a small icon can be found next to the attendees that are also in your contact list (see image above). This way you can easily see who is available to meet with at the event.

Event Feed

On the Event Feed, also known as Social Wall, the attendees can post messages or pictures. Others can like these messages or can comment on them.

To have the event feed in your app, just link a home menu button to it.


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