Sponsor pages highlight a sponsor. They contain of one or multiple small images and customisable links, for example to a web page or a sponsored session.

Go to Pages & Structure, tab Pages and click the + in the table next to Sponsors

Page name

Set the name of the page. This name is displayed in the app bar.


  • Sponsor: select the connected institution to allow users to add it from this sponsor page to their favourites.


Images will be displayed above the institution name. The first one is displayed upon opening. If you add multiple images, users can swipe to see the next images.

Add an image by clicking Add image and then Select image. The preferred dimensions of the file are 1200x600px. If your image is another size, you can crop it to the right size after selecting it.


Similar to navigation pages, you can set links to other pages. You can link to an object (e.g. a sponsored session), place (e.g. the booth of the sponsor), page (e.g. the sponsor information page) or URL (e.g. the sponsor's website). Optionally, you can add an icon left of the text. 

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