Upon entering the speaker dashboard for a session for the first time, it looks as follows:

The following features are available:

Views Switch

At the top, you can switch between 3 views:

  • Present live: This view is used to present your slides live during the session. You can hear and be heard by others.
  • Pre-record presentation: In this view, you can pre-record your presentation. You cannot hear or be heard by others. Note that pre-recording is only available when the virtual room is still closed for attendees. Once the moderator opens the room and a speaker is still pre-recording, the recording stops and the speaker is notified of that. See below for more information how to pre-record your presentation
  • Audience view: In this view, you can see the session like attendees see them, so you can use it to watch the presentations of other speakers in the same session. Please note that this option is only available when the session is broadcasting; otherwise it is greyed out. In this tab you can be heard by others. While you are in the Audience view when the moderator selects you to be the active speaker, you are automatically switched to the Present Live tab.

Slides and Camera Frame

  • Present slides that can be uploaded as a PDF file. You can click through them with the Next and Previous buttons; attendees will see the slide you are currently at.

Vote Section

You can use the Vote feature to get the attendees’ response on a certain question. You can find the Vote section below the slides frame. This works as follows:

  • To add a question, select Add question. Questions can be prepared in advance.
  • To enable a question, select it from the list by clicking the dot on the left. Attendees now see the question in the slide frame, however they cannot submit their vote yet.
  • To allow attendees to vote, click Start voting. When the timer is used, the voting ends automatically once the timer runs out. Otherwise, the voting ends when you click Stop voting. Attendees will see the results once they submit their vote, or when the voting ends. The speaker and moderators see the results coming in live. You can now discuss the results.
  • To go back to your presentation, unselect the question by clicking the dot on the left again.

Please note that only the current active speaker can select a voting question and start voting.

Bottom Toolbar

  • See your and the room's status in the bottom-left corner. If the room is open and broadcasting, there is a red tag saying Live. If it is not broadcasting, this tag is Not live and is white. If you are the active (presenting) speaker, another tag You are presenting is added next to it. If someone else is presenting, this tag shows Another speaker is presenting.
  • Turn on/off camera and microphone using the buttons at the bottom of the screen. With the arrow on the side they are able to select another microphone or camera than the default.
  • Share your screen with the button in the bottom toolbar. If the screen share button does not respond, check your browser settings:
    - Mac: click System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Screen Recording and add Chrome.
    - Windows: if screen sharing is not working, this might be due to a missing screen sharing extension in your browser. You can check this by typing chrome://extensions/ into the address bar of your browser. If the screen sharing extension is already there, it might be enabled. In that case, you can switch it on. If the screen sharing extension is not there, please visit the Chrome Web Store to install one for free via this link.

Interactive Features

Depending on the settings of the virtual room that the moderator has set, you can:

  • See the messages in the chat and send chat messages yourself.
  • See the questions asked in the Q&A. You can only see the questions coming in, you cannot submit questions or upvote yourself.
  • See the attendee list of the session.

Pre-record Your Presentation

From the Pre-record presentation view, you can record your presentation in advance instead of presenting it live during the session.

To start recording, set up your presentation by uploading slides as PDF, or use screen sharing with the button in the bottom-right corner. Pre-recording will record both your presentation and video.

Once you are ready to record, click Start pre-recording in the bottom-left corner. A pop-up window will explain what will happen next. After reading it, click Start recording.

A timer will then start counting down from 5, after which the recording starts. Do not start talking right after you start or stop pre-recording, but include a pause, to avoid that parts of the recording are cut off. During the recording, you can keep track of the time inside the red Recording tag on the bottom-left corner. You can end the recording at any time by clicking Stop recording. The recording will automatically stop after 60 minutes.

Once the recording is finished, you can review it. The recording will be available to the moderator in the Moderator Dashboard for review and playback during the session.

If you are not satisfied and want to record another attempt, first click Delete this recording. After confirming, the recording will be deleted and you can start over.

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