Following our guidelines in creating your artwork ensures that the images in your app will appear optimally across different devices and screen sizes. Each event within a society app can have its own unique branding.

This page contains information about:

  1. Event tiles
  2. Home menu background
  3. Home menu buttons
  4. People images

IMPORTANT: To maximise the app's performance and speed, images should be below 1MB, but preferably as small as possible. If both JPG and PNG are allowed, use JPG when the image is photographic, and PNG for graphics and text. To convert one to the other, go to or To compress large images (PNG or JPG), use

Event tiles

Event tiles are displayed on the selection screen of the society app. The large image is always required, as it is also used for the event info. The medium image is only required for a medium tile size. 

We require the following sizes, in PNG or JPG:

  1. Event_M.png  |  600x600px
  2. Event_L.png  |  1260x600px

Home menu background

The home menu background image appears behind the messages box and the home menu buttons on the home menu screen. 

Attention points

  • The top part of the image is hidden below the app bar. The buttons and the news box also obscure some of the content. These vary in size, depending on the device and orientation. Therefore it's advisable to use the 'safe zone' for important content like logo's:
    - For portrait images, this is the bottom of the page. Make sure to keep your distance from the buttons, so that they will not cover the artwork.
    - For landscape images, the bottom left can be used.
  • Using the suffixes "_4-3_port", "_16-10_land", etc. in your file naming as listed below, will allow for all of the images to be uploaded at once into the configurator. An Adobe Illustrator template with export-ready artboards is available upon request.

We require the home background image in the following sizes, in PNG or JPG:

  1. homebg_4-3_port  |  1536x2048px
  2. homebg_4-3_land  |  2048x1536px 
  3. homebg_16-9_port   |  1440x2560px
  4. homebg_16-9_land  |  2560x1440px
  5. homebg_16-10_port  |  1600x2560px
  6. homebg_16-10_land  |  2560x1600px
  7. homebg_195-9_port  |  1440x3118px
  8. homebg_195-9_land  |  3118x1440px

Home menu buttons

For the home menu buttons, the following options are available: 

  • Choose an icon from our library and add a label to it (a). The background colour of the buttons and of the text and icon colour can be specified.
  • Upload a custom icon and add a label to it (b). To make the background colour and icon and text colour of the button follow along with the other buttons, create a 200x200px PNG image with a white icon and a transparent background and upload it in the image library as Default icon.
  • Alternately, you can upload a 300x300px in PNG or JPG image to cover an entire button (c). This can be an image without text or with icons and text. If you use a transparent background, you can create custom button shapes with this method, like in this example.

People photos

For speaker or presenter images, we require the profile picture as PNG or JPG, with a size of 600x600px. Faces should be positioned in the centre of the photo as they will be cropped to a circle.

The profile picture should be PNG or JPG and have a size of 600x600px.

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