The web app uses the same data as the native app: the programme and pages only have to be added once. The menu can however be configured separately, leaving you to be flexible on what you want to include and what is maybe less relevant, for example because you have the information elsewhere.

Once Conference Compass has set up the web app for you, you can configure the contents of the menu through the Pages & Structure, tab Web app. Please note you have to publish a release to make the changes visible to your users.


If you're still working on the web app, you probably don't want users to access it already. To disable the URL, therefore set the Availability to Not available. Users opening the URL, will then see a placeholder instead.

Configure the menu

Header image

Above the side menu, an image can be added. This image is 1260x600 px, so the same size as the large event tile. You can re-use that image, or create a new dedicated image for it.

Page links

The side menu is fully configurable. You can refer to the same pages you've created for the app. The page title is used as the name of the side menu item. 

A few important points to notice when composing the side menu:

  • As not all page types are relevant for the web version, the page types you can select are limited to: daily programme, floor plan, information pages, lists and navigation pages.
  • If you want to show a daily programme, it has to be a direct link from the side menu. A navigation page referring to multiple programmes will not work. So if you have a parallel scientific and industry programme, you need to create two items for it.
  • If a page contains a link to a URL, this link will always open in a new tab.


For each menu item, you can configure an icon, similarly to that of the home menu buttons. If you select an icon from the library, it will be colored with the contrast colour. You can also upload your own custom icons.

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